Establish your station as "The Concert Authority!" Add Live in Concert to your station's weekend programming today!

Imagine for a moment- the concert of a lifetime is coming. Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, and Journey are opening for Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band. The following week it's Queen, Billy Joel, and U2 opening for The Rolling Stones.

If it were available, would you put it on the air? Of course you would, and now it is available!

  • Live in Concert generates a buzz. Stations report considerable positive feedback from listeners. But don’t take our word for it…read what Program Directors around the country have to say about LIVE IN CONCERT! Click here.

  • Live in Concert is a proven ratings winner, consistently outperforming other weekend dayparts.

  • Live in Concert is hosted by 20+ year major-market veteran, Lisa Berigan. Her extensive knowledge of the music and familiarity with the artists allows her to share personal insight into the significance and importance of the concerts we feature.

  • Each year, Americans spend billions of dollars on concert tickets. Why not tap into this powerful emotion?

  • Each week, Live in Concert features the most memorable concert performances in the history of rock and roll. You'll hear your core artists like never before.

  • Live in Concert is produced to mimic a “mega-concert” event each week. We start each program with a segment from the week’s “headliner.” Other segments take us to different cities and venues. Here, we hear sets from “opening artists” who complement the headliner. Live in Concert delivers significant performances from core artists each week.

  • It’s a true concert experience in every segment. Between songs, you’ll hear impromptu remarks by the band, tuning of guitars, and other concert ambiance. All of this creates theater of the mind and mentally puts the listener in the front row for each performance.

  • Live in Concert uncovers the emotional connection your listeners have with the artists and the radio station. We tap into fond memories of the listener’s own experiences at concerts.

  • Live in Concert was developed to build TSL. Instead of featuring one artist, we highlight four different artists each week.

  • Live in Concert is syndicated by United Stations Radio Networks. For more information, contact Affiliate Relations at 212-536-3673 or email them HERE.
    • Two hours weekly, available via barter.
    • Delivered via media shooter
    • 6 minutes/hour of local inventory

    Put the power of live music to work for you!