About Us

Lisa Berigan - Host

Lisa is a 20+ year veteran of radio. She has been heard around the country and currently you can listen to her weekdays from 10am-3pm on Washington D.C.'s BIG 100. Lisa has also hosted shows across the country including Chicago, Philadelphia, and Seattle.

Lisa is very excited to help bring Live in Concert to the airwaves. Her extensive knowledge of music and familiarity with the artists allows Lisa to share her personal insight into the significance and importance of the concerts we feature.

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Dave Robbins - Creator/Executive Producer

image Dave has been a radio programmer and on-air host all over the country. He's worked at radio stations in Chicago, Washington D.C., Milwaukee, Memphis, Tulsa, and other cities.

The idea for Live in Concert came to Dave while listening to a broadcast of the Live 8 Music Festival in 2005. The music flowed incredibly well from one band, on stage in one city, to the next band, on a different stage, in another city. And on and on it went. The performances were breathtaking! Next came the difficult task of acquiring one of the largest libraries of legendary live performances! In July of 2008, Live in Concert was born. It debuted on Big 100 in Washington, D.C., and quickly spread to radio stations all across the U-S, and around the world. Dave's passion for live music comes through in each program he produces.

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